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Sherman, Tx Robbery 0 0
Sherman police released video coverage of the armed robbery that took place Monday. About 1 a.m. Monday, two men, armed with handguns, robbed the Burger King at 1213 N. Travis. It began when the last three employees locked up and left the store for the night. In the parking lot, the two men, who had bandanas covering their faces, stopped them at gunpoint. One of them stayed with two of the employees while the other forced the store manager back inside and made her open the safe. The video shows the man holding the manager tightly by her hair and forcing her to open the safe, which is on the floor. It shows her retrieving currency from it, a lot of it loose and even as she retrieved it, some bills flew around the two people. The robber continued to hold her hair at the scalp, only letting go once to turn around where, off camera, he grabbed a bag in which to put the cash. The transaction takes several seconds, during which time the manager remained under the robber\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s control, according to the video. After he had the sack of cash, he walked her back out into the parking lot, then the two men fled on foot. The face of the robber shown in the video is hidden by a red-and-dark patterned bandana, which also covers much of the back of his head. Police Sgt. Bruce Dawsey described the men as thin black males, one about 5-feet 5-inches tall, the other about 5-8 1/2. Both were dressed in dark clothes and wore the bandanas.

Address:Burger King at 1213 N. Travis
Added: Aug 06, 2010

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