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Pompano Beach, Fl Beating homeless man 1 0 0
In early July 2008, three teenaged friends tormented a homeless man in a motel parking lot. They taunted, smacked, pushed, dragged, carried and yelled at the 54-year-old victim. As if that wasn’t enough, a fourth teen recorded the profanity-laced attack with his cell phone. Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives saw the two videos called “Beating Up a Crackhead,” parts one and two online. They discovered the recorded assault during their investigation of the April 2009 attack of two men, Craig Cohen and David Villanova, in Oakland Park. One of the teens in the video was once a suspect in the Cohen and Villanova beatings. The first video lasts two minutes, 34 seconds, and the second lasts one minute, 14 seconds. The apparently intoxicated and physically unstable Cunningham repeatedly asks his assailants to leave him alone. They continue to taunt him, laughing and joking during the attack, slapping him in the head, pushing him on the ground, grabbing his arms and legs and carrying him down Southeast 5th Street. At one point, one assailant turns to the camera and says, “You got this?” His friend with the cell phone responds, “I got everything, bro.” Cunningham, who was not injured in the attack, never reported it to law enforcement. Brandon Edwards and William Sleight have been arrested. Detectives are looking for Nicholas Bakum and are asking for the public’s help identifying the fourth person involved. On the video, he is wearing dark shorts and a dark hat with no shirt.

Address: Blue Sky Motel, 501 S. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach
Added: Jun 28, 2010

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