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Lauderdale lakes ,FL-Robbers sought for Unholy Acts 0 0
Broward Sheriff's Office detectives are searching for the suspects who robbed two priests on July 18 at St. Helen Church in Lauderdale Lakes. Father Lesly Jean was taking a visiting priest for a tour of the church around 10 p.m. The father noticed two men as they walked southbound on Northwest 31 Avenue but didn't think anything of it. Surveillance video shows those two suspects walking past the church and then prowling around area. After about four minutes, they walk back toward the church, jump over the fence and confront the priests in the parking lot. At first they asked the victims if they knew the location of the nearest bank, then one of the suspects took out a gun and pointed it at the priests. They robbed both men of their cell phones, money and other valuables and jumped back over the fence. The video shows the men running toward the surveillance camera, where an SUV was backed into a parking spot waiting for the suspects. The two men jumped into the backseat ,and they sped away. The suspects are described as black males. One is about 5'7" tall, in his late 20s or early 30s. His accomplice is about 6' tall, heavy-set and was wearing a black shirt with a white stripe. At one point in the video, the driver of the getaway vehicle gets out and walks around to the passenger side and in view of the camera. The driver appears to be a heavy-set woman, with hair down to the small of her back, who is wearing long pants, a dark-colored shirt and a white cardigan or sweatshirt.

Address:Northwest 31 Avenue
Added: Sep 07, 2013

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