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Pomapno Beach, Fl Burglary at El Mariachi 0 0
Owners at El Mariachi Supermarket were singing a sour note when they discovered someone attempted to break into their establishment in early April. Though the suspect didn’t get away with anything, he left behind property damage and video evidence of how he got inside the business. Thanks to that evidence detectives have been able to link this suspect to at least six other crimes and they’re hoping to get the public’s help identifying him. The video shows the burglar approaching a side door of the business at 3:42 a.m. The man shakes and rattles the door handle time and time again hoping it would magically unlock. Exhausted from the physical exertion, he’s then seen sitting in the shadows as he formulates a plan, then he makes another futile attempt to open the door before resorting to Plan B. A second camera angle shows the suspect scaling the wall of the business to get on the roof. Detectives say he’s cat-like in his climb. He then goes into the property through the rooftop vent. In this case, it doesn’t seem he got away with anything, but left behind a broken door handle and a broken vent. Detectives believe this suspect has been involved in at least six similar burglaries in the past month in Pompano Beach. In all, the suspect has stolen over $3,000 in cash from safes and registers and has left behind over $25,000 in damages.

Address:El Mariachi Supermarket, 203 SW 2 Ct., Pompano Beach
Added: Jun 10, 2011

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