Police Departments

Every time a crime video is uploaded to Crookstube.Com, we send out an email with the attached video to our thousands of members that live around where the crime occurred. All tips are directly routed to your tip form page so the user stays anonymous once you have opened your free account.

Below is an example of what happens to the tip once you open your free account.


Below the video click on "if you have information about the video click here" It will then open up your crime tip form page.

Other Crime Stoppers have been adding our link to their Crime Stoppers page similar to how South East Crime Stoppers and West Palm Beach Crime Stoppers have done which has been successful in generating tips.



We are an avenue to assist Crime Stoppers and to bring more exposure to the crime. We only ask for you to link Crookstube on your Crime Stoppers website and upload crime videos that you need assistance in solving. We will do the rest. We will house the video and send out all the emails to the community and direct all tips to your tip submit page. Like I said before, each time a viewer selects the submit a tip button, the user is diverted directly to your tip form and the tip goes directly to you once your account has been registered. We do not see the tip nor know who it is coming from. We have been on MSNBC, FOX News and have been responsible for hundreds of tips. I would love to work with you and best yet this service is free for Crime Stoppers.

The following links explain more what Crookstube is about.


Crookstube on FOX News


Crookstube on WSVN 7

We are currently working with many police departments around the nation. If you have not signed up yet with Crookstube, do not wait any longer. Start now and help get the criminals off our streets.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee associated with combating crime.

How does my department get involved?

1. Create a user name and profile.

2. Upload crime videos for your district.

3. Video alerts will be sent to all of our readers in the area.

4. Tips will be redirected to the e-mail you supplied during registration.

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