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You can search crime videos by state, county or city. When you select the desired area, you will see crime videos that occurred in that area. If you recognize the person in the video, you can click the button below the video and submit your tip anonymous to Crime Stoppers (if they are participating) and may be eligible for a reward. The goal of our site is to have everyone on our email alert list. Each time a crime video is uploaded, we send out an alert e-mail to everyone in that area where the crime occurred. Everyone knows someone so if everyone sees that video, it is more then likely that person will be identified. Crookstube is an online video site that is dedicated to crimes that are caught on tape. Crimes happen every day and many of them are caught on video. The video of the crime rarely goes world wide until now. We are here to share your criminal video with the world and to bring you JUSTICE.  

Become A Hero

Become a Hero, Make some money and enjoy the karma when it comes back around.  Have you ever wanted to help someone out and feel like a hero? Now you can. It is very easy due to the launch of Crookstube. Go onto Crookstube.com, select the state and then city or county that you live in. View the videos and see if you can identify anyone in the videos. If there is a reward offered, it will be shown and there is a possibility that you can claim the reward.   

How To Get A Reward

If you recognize someone and there is a money bag symbol then there is a chance that you can get the reward. Once you have left a tip, the uploader of the video will receive the feedback. If your feedback leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspect in the video, it is up to the uploader of the video to determine what your reward is.   

Are You a Police Department, Store Owner or Victim Of A Crime?

Are you the victim of a crime and want justice? Have you been robbed or assaulted? Has your store been subjected to shoplifters and you want your merchandise back?

Are you a police department seeking a free proactive way in making the community safer and help getting the criminals off our streets?  

Seeking justice is as easy as 3 steps.

  1. Sign up for an account

  2. Select the state, county and city where the crime took place (you may add the address of where the location took place if you wish)

  3. Upload your video and all feedback about the crime will be redirected to the email we have on file.

If you are a police department or store and would like to work closely with us please Contact Us.

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