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As a Deerfield Beach couple slept in their bed before dawn Wednesday, two burglars slipped quietly into their house through a sliding glass door. They swiped a briefcase, a purse, a diamond ring and car keys before the family dog started barking. When the couple awoke and walked out of the bedroom, the criminals were gone. Surveillance video captured images of the two men walking onto the patio of the home and using spray paint to cloud the lens of the video camera. Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives say it was the fourth similar, recent home-invasion burglary in Deerfield Beach and Tamarac. In each incident, the burglars stole various electronics, jewelry and other items and then stole the family cars to get away. Detectives say Frank and Barbara Rysavy’s Corvette was likely left in the garage because the dog scared the burglars away before they could take it. Earlier this week, burglars took a laptop and a BMW convertible from a condo in Tamarac. In July, they took a PlayStation and a Hyundai Santa Fe from a Deerfield home, and in August, burglars stole a television, two cameras, a laptop computer and a Toyota Rav 4 from another Deerfield Beach home. All the vehicles have been recovered. After the Oct. 5 burglary in Deerfield Beach, detectives got a crucial clue when 19-year-old Brianna Anderson of Sunrise tried to cash checks stolen from the couple. She was charged with two counts of uttering a forged check. Detectives believe she is associated with the group of burglars, though she has not been charged in those crimes.

Address:53 S.E. 5th Ave., Deerfield Beach
Added: Oct 07, 2011

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