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A passenger with autism was attacked on a San Bernardino bus and the assault was caught on tape. It happened near 15th Street and Medical Center Drive on April 10. Police are asking for the public\\s help finding the suspect. Surveillance video from onboard an Omnitrans bus on Sunday, April 10, just after 5 p.m. The suspect can be seen walking up and boarding the bus. After a short conversation with the bus driver, the suspect deposits his money, and walks toward the back of the bus to find a seat. That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s when for some reason he becomes agitated with one passenger. Police say that man has autism. The suspect continued to threaten the victim, telling him to be quiet. Then, without warning, the suspect punched the victim. The suspect pushes the victim toward the front of the bus, and then out the front door. Later, the suspect gets off the bus and continues to threaten the victim. The victim pleaded with the suspect to stop.

Address:15th Street and Medical Center Drive
Added: May 15, 2011

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